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A Different Kitchen, a psychedelic endeavour challenging modern society. Emerging from the quiet of the Norfolk countryside, the trio began making noise - where alt-indie meets post-punk. With part of the band based closer to the capital and the other up north, the group have migrated their sound throughout the UK; with their latest single, I'm Fine I'm Fine, featured by Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 and Christian Carlisle on BBC Introducing in Sheffield.


A Different Kitchen write music for live consumption. The group aim to create an experience that leaves a long lasting impact on their audience, through extreme dynamics, unsettling chord voicings and raw emotion. Music should always be about feeling. A Different Kitchen embrace this to bring their listeners on a journey, connecting with people through real experiences and interactions. Thoughtfully crafted lyrics and harmony gives the band an outlet to express their own vulnerabilities as individuals on stage and in the studio, creating an art piece that remains as fragile as the source.


As creatives, we often feel introverted and detached from life. The Norfolk-born trio use their shows to open up and let audiences share small moments on a personal level, something that is difficult to achieve in the fast-paced society that we live in. After spending the back end of 2023 developing and refining their music in the studio, the quintet are ready to share a more emotive and personal group of songs throughout 2024, in an intense expression of vulnerability.

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